Your next 5-years could be positively life-changing — save your business $millions

What would it be worth to you *personally*, if you had the skills and know-how to save your business or your employer millions of dollars by using cutting-edge technology? An extra $20k, $50k, perhaps $100k more in your pocket each year?

You don’t have to be a developer, you don’t have to be a business analyst, don’t even need to be highly tech-savvy. You just need to follow my 7-step strategy to go from newbie to Automation Pro, and be able to walk into any interview knowing more than anyone you’re up against!

My intelligent automation firm (Lean IA) is focused on empowering individuals and business leaders to use process automation and AI technologies to accelerate their goals.

As a newsletter subscriber you probably know I’m the author of Business at the Speed of bots, which was 5-star rated by Guy Kirkwood the ex-COO of the world’s largest process automation company UiPath, a $7billion-dollor company!

Oh, yeah and he even wrote the foreword for my book, which was so amazing!

If you’ve been on my newsletter for a while, then you’re probably in automation or at least aware that Intelligent automation is the HOTTEST industry right now and is getting hotter!🔥.

It started in about 2015 and I joined 2 years later before the majority of people, and I’ve watched it evolve from process automation into what it is today. I’ve built a network of experts and business leaders from across the globe in the US, Canada, Hong Kong, Europe, and the UK — and leveraged this and years of experience to build the strategy I’m about to share with you

A strategy that I’ve taught to over 10k+ motivated students in over 100 countries

A strategy that helped me go from not knowing anything about robotic process automation (thinking it was a physical robot) to becoming an automation Analyst, then a project manager, a Programme Manager, and finally a Head of automation in just over 6 years

I guess I was in the right place at the right time — so if you think now is the right time for you to accelerate your success in this hot new (fast-growing) industry, click below to sign up for my 1-hour free course where you’ll learn the 7-steps of my strategy so that you can walk away with tools and tips that you can start using today

So are you ready?

JOIN ME — learn the 7 step strategy

About: IA Simplified and Lean IA limited are on a mission to provide and create a community to help clients simplify the way their businesses use automation technologies to digitally transform their business. Be that RPA, AI or other automation technologies, we want to accelerate and perfect how you identify and deliver great opportunities in a scalable way.

Tony Walker is CEO of Lean IA limited and author of Business @ the Speed of Bots which was 5-star rated by the ex-COO of the world’s largest process automation company UiPath, Guy Kirkwood.

Lean IA’s ethos is Empower, Optimise, Discover — hence why we created the IA Simplified community. Empowering professionals like yourself is core to our business products and services. We only succeed when you succeed!



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