6 things to add to your automations BEFORE YOUR LAUNCH!

#1 Documentation

The number one tip is documentation. If you’re developer is feeling a little lazy or just wants to get the automation built quickly, it’s quite tempting to just skimp on writing up clear documentation or they might just skip this step all together. This is a little myopic.

#2 Modular code / Reusable

Modular code/programming is where you break down an automated process in to segments or components. Not only does this make things easier to read and test, but also it makes components reusable.

#3 Error handling and Logging

The bot needs to be developed for every outcome every outcome, even the unexpected one. Having a catch-all would cover you for any non-predetermined scenario to ensure the bot still knows how to handle these situations correctly.

#4 Commenting and Readability

Once the process documentation and components have been created, your errors are clear and meaningful for the support team, if the code is messy and unorganised, this will make it exhausting for support to look through the code to understand the details of what went wrong. This is just an additional way that can slow down supporting or enhancing your existing robots.

#5 Variables and Referencing

Variables are values that can change depending on the scenario, so reduces the need to keep manually updating the code. If you hard coded the age as “21” then no matter how many years went by the age will always say 21. However, by using a variable, you just need to put in a calculation which will automatically calculate the age every year. This is why it’s important to try to stay away from hard coding values wherever possible.

#6 Test planning

It’s importance that developers test their work as they build each component at a time, and then at the end to check all components work together, this is called SIT testing or System Integrated Testing. To go one better, is to have code peer reviewed so another developer is testing the original developer’s code.

#7 BONUS — User flexibility

As a bonus the seventh tip is what I’m calling “user flexibility”.


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